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July 12, 2005
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..The Art of Kendo.. by koruldia ..The Art of Kendo.. by koruldia
close up : [link]
Please =====> FULL VIEW !!!!!!!

Commission made for :iconilazul: Ilazul.
I used Pencil/Painter/PhotoShop/PaintShopPro. (lots of "P" lol)
Done in ~5 days.

Callygraphies, flower decoration, background, etc... everything by me :)


> A kendo girl, sitting seiza style putting on her tenugui.
Her kendo gi is white, while her hakama and the rest of her armor is blue. Her shinai's handle is stained blue where the hands go, it is placed by her left side, hilt forward, string side down. Her men is resting face down on her kote to her right side. The kote are pointing to the left of the picture. Her zekken reads on the top left to right 東京大学 (Tokyo Daigaku) and up to down(big) 青山 (Aoyama), and on the bottom left to right 素子(Motoko). She's using both hands to pull and tuck away the tenugui on her head. The tenugui is white with a little kanji. Her pupils are looking to the top right of the picture. Her hair is in a pony tail. The floor is tatami, in the background(a dojo) there's an open sliding door with a view like in your deviation, "Kochira". On the wall is a paper scroll that reads 剣道 (kendo).
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Great work
zaku1986 Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is pretty pice of art (of kendo? :D).
But seriously, looks great.
The teenage girl could wear your headbands and because she always plays your kendo for your friends.
happy to know im not the only one who does kendo ^^
Saw this on Chuo Kendo Dojo's website. I wanted to see the original, and thought I would find it somewhere on DA, and I was right :D

Hope you are alright with them borrowing it, in the name of perpetuating this art. (I don't attend that dojo, but I plan on visiting when I go to LA)

Are you still practicing kendo? I just got my 6th kyu ^^
koruldia Apr 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh Chuo Kendo Dojo!! Yes I remember they asked me :)
And of course I was okay.
Actually I am very honored they want to use mine!!
hawaiianstile Jan 16, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
i love this, 100% accurate with unmatched attention to detail. not to mention it is drawn beautifully and is simply beautiful. well done :3
koruldia Jan 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you a lot :)!!
hawaiianstile Jan 18, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
no problem X3
for some reason i get all giddy about girls getting ready for kinda, its beautiful when someone takes such pride
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